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Combine online and on-site meetings


QuaQua Hybrid enables online & on-site participants to connect and collaborate with the support of on-site and/or remote interpreters. Add flexibility to your events: travel less, add more interaction.

What is QuaQua HYBRID?

Integrate QuaQua with existing conferencing systems and hardware to offer a high-quality working environment for both participants and interpreters. This allows you to meet in person while also enjoying the benefits of our online QuaQua meeting solutions.

High-quality audio & video from online and on-site participants

Participate remote or in person in your own language

Work with remote interpreters for your on-site event

How does it work?

QuaQua Hybrid is our most flexible solution. Depending on your specific requirements and available technology, we set up your hybrid meeting environment. Our network of technical partners will be ready to support you both online and on-site.

Technical partners

A QuaQua hybrid meeting requires a technical partner on-site.


Interpreters can work remotely in the QuaQua booths and/or directly from the venue with existing interpreter hardware.

Don’t miss a beat

Remote and on-site participants can interact quick and effortless. Without any language barriers.


QuaQua is user-friendly, technically light and offers practical solutions to make the handover to your partner much smoother. Excellent technical support as well, so it's simply the best!


Barbara Baldi

What a lovely and responsive team behind QuaQua meeting. They really developed a great platform that understands and meets our needs!


Kristy Heimerl-Moggan

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