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Add interpretation to any online meeting platform or event


Most corporate meeting platforms don’t offer real-time interpretation. Thanks to QuaQua Connect your participants can meet on any platform, in their own language. In just a few clicks!

What is QuaQua CONNECT?

Our solution enables organisers to provide real-time interpretation alongside any online meeting or event. Participants can access the interpretation through a unique Connect link. No download or installation is required. While the interpreters can work from the comfort of their preferred QuaQua booth.

  1. Open QuaQua Connect on any device
  2. Select your language
  3. Listen to the interpretation

How does it work?

Let us or one of our partners connect QuaQua to your online or on-site event. Participants can listen to the real-time, remote interpretation on the device of their choice, quick and easy. No need for multiple meetings or messy workarounds!

Organise your meeting

Let us know where and when you want to meet. We’ll send you a unique QuaQua Connect link for your event.

Quick and easy

Simply open the Connect link on any device and in any browser to start the interpretation. No need to install an app.

Add RSI to live events

Looking for a cost-efficient way to add (remote) interpretation to your live event? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

The QuaQua team proved to be very responsive, attentive and problem solving. Any issue was immediately handled solved in a speedy one-to-one session!


Luciana Scrofani Green

QuaQua offers a user-friendly and cheap solution for multilingual communication. The easy set-up and practical features ensure a flawless meeting. A rather unique offer in the market!


Jens Jonkers

QuaQua Connect for large audiences

Online interpretation for all your events: online or on-site. With a capacity of thousands of listeners, QuaQua Connect offers an easy, quick, BYOD interpreting solution for livestreams, big live events, conferences, break-out sessions, …

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