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Interpreters play a vital role in ensuring a successful multilingual QuaQua meeting. Do you want a technical training before you start working on QuaQua for your clients? In our QuaQualification training, you get familiar with QuaQua and our virtual interpreter desk.

Service your clients with QuaQua

QuaQua supports interpreters in this new era of interpreting. We have worked alongside and for interpreters for the past 25 years. We are on a mission to provide a familiar and comfortable RSI platform so interpreters can do their jobs to the best of their abilities. We offer:

An intuitive interpreter console

Best practices and tips & tricks

QuaQualification training

Become a QuaQualified interpreter

To make sure you can work in the best conditions, QuaQua offers a QuaQualification course. We guide you through our interpreter booth, share tips & tricks and make sure your technical set-up is ready for QuaQua. We’ll even give you a preview of our QuaQua Booking environment where you can manage meetings and clients.

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Follow the online live QuaQualification training.
Receive a certificate that you can share with your peers and customers.
You’re ready to start working on QuaQua, or even become a QuaQua Agent!

I participated in a demo, which made me very excited! QuaQua is so user-friendly and has features that other RSI platforms are lacking.


Maaike Clarysse

Become a QuaQua Agent

Are you a full service provider for your clients? Become a QuaQua reseller to enjoy extra benefits and extra functionalities in QuaQua Booking.

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Our QuaQualification is here to help you get started. When you complete the process, you’ll be confident and ready to start offering interpretation services to your customers on QuaQua.